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The Savoy Hotel in Bournemouth approached me to create a "Book of Adventures" for their on site restaurant, Southbeach. The idea was to create something to keep little ones entertained whilst dining, but also giving them an insight at what Bournemouth itself had to offer. 

I absolutely loved working on this project and creating characters that were present across the entire 8 page booklet. You can flick through some of the pages here, but I wonder if you can spot who my favourite little character was? (Spoiler, it's the one with the wings who looks a little serious.)

It was a fantastic experience to work with a well renowned company and I'm looking forward to picking up more projects such as this one in the future. 

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PrimaryTech is led by a team with a long history and commitment to technology in education.

They are a Yorkshire based organisation who are incredibly driven on supporting the education system by solving their toughest IT challenges. The tech kids use in their everyday school life nowadays - that's where they come in!

I have worked hard to bring some of their more techy marketing jargon to life with my illustrations, building a bank of imagery that they can use time and time again. My illustrations have become a key feature across not only their social media but their website and welcome packs to new clients.

"Samie’s enthusiasm and creativity has helped us create a friendly and recognisable brand for PrimaryTech. Her unique style and ideas are invaluable in making our marketing materials stand out from the crowd; thank you Samie!"

- Sarah, Marketing Manager at PrimaryTech

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David Roach is DRCreative. 


Backed by a talented team of filmmakers, producers, designers, musicians and social media experts. David is the ideas man.

So what an absolute pleasure it has been to work alongside him to help bring some of those marvellous ideas to life. 

I worked across DRCreative's website but have also created the storyboards behind his video concepts. David has an incredible way of curating  concepts for his clients so it has been a wonderful experience to aid him on shaping these in the early stages of production. 

"I love working with Samie. She is creative, intuitive and always enthusiastic. Her ability to tell a rich and engaging story using her artistic talent and her imagination adds charm and vitality to every project. I find if I can think it, she can see it. And if she can see it, the client will love it. Storyboards, web design, graphics… Samie brings the magic." 

- David, DRCreative

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CMe are a media buying agency, proudly having a wide array of industry professionals within the team that have over twenty years of experience between them. 

When approached by CMe, they wanted to give their social media and brand a refresh which I couldn't of been more delighted to help with. The team are an incredibly vibrant, creative and hard working bunch and I was over the moon to be selected to take them on as a client and showcase what an amazing agency they really are.

I am now working in house as their freelance Creative Manager and have re-designed their logo, aided in the design of their new website, given them a completely new tone of voice with a design refresh to match through my style of illustration and copy writing.

Samie is a delight to work with and have on your team, her creativity is outstanding and she gives every project/task 100%. Samie gives honest feedback and takes a detailed brief so that she fully understands what you want to achieve and the look and feel that you are going for”

- Leigh, Media Director at CMe

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